LOCATION 2-13-32 Matsue, Kurashiki-shi,, Okayama 712-8052 Japan
CONTACTS TEL:086-455-3807
CAPITAL 20,000,000 yen
CEO Miki Okabe
SERVICES 1. Microwave-assisted grinding and processing of fine-grained white and brown rice flour, and other food products
2. All services related to the secondary processing and sales mentioned above


APRIL 2001 Established OFCO Co., Ltd for the purpose of processing rice flour and grains into fine particles using electromagnetic waves.
NOV 2007 Succeeded in pulverizing soybeans to 15 micron class. Started the sales of soybean related products.
APRIL 2009 Began production and sales of rice flour for sweets and bread with a minimum particle size of 20 microns. Introduction of mixed powder and sachet-filling equipment.
APRIL 2018 Started production of 15 micron class soybean powder at OFCO Mitsu Factory in Kita-ku, Okayama city.
APRIL 2021 Celebrating our 20th anniversary, we will continue to develop products from the experience we have acquired to meet new demands for a changing lifestyle, and strive to create a business beneficial to the buyer, seller, society, and the future.